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Solve the bathroom door wooden floor dark

Forums / General discussion / Solve the bathroom door wooden floor dark


2018-05-17 12:34

<P>Some consumers use the floor when they will find people walking, the floor will make a loud noise, will seriously disturb the normal life of households. In response to this problem, when the floor pavement, you need to do the floor inspection work, from the outset should avoid this situation.</P>
<P>The use of the floor after a period of time the sound of the situation may be due to indoor furniture or heavy objects, etc., when placed asymmetrically, resulting in a long time uneven floor under the circumstances of the hollowing, and the sound . In this case, the furniture should be promptly placed, and do not recommend placing too heavy household items on the floor.</P>
<P>In addition to the installation and acceptance of the floor, it is also necessary to regulate the use of wood flooring in daily life and to maintain the wood floor regularly.</P>
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