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Android/Iphone App please!

Forums / Ideas / Android/Iphone App please!

How much would you pay for Warnet phone App?

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2013-01-28 19:25

Warnet is crying out for an Android or cross platform App and is perfectly suited for mobile - its very hard to play on a phone through a browser. Personally I would pay at least £10


2013-01-30 00:33

that would really be very helpful. I also play a lot from phone and it is hard to adjust and many times you make the wrong moves and then have to undo(if you have undo points)
Android app would be great but not sure if every1 would be willing to pay $10 for it.


2014-12-30 17:31

Warnet sur android serait genial. j'y joue les vacances chez ma mère mais chez moi je n'ai que une tablette. Donc je ne peux pas finir les parties sur la tablette.


2015-01-08 04:24

I agree. I play on my laptop but many and increasing number of people play on tablets or phones.


2015-01-22 13:27

If I had money I would say 5$ is a good price. If you want to know my reasoning pm me.

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