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2013-08-28 18:55

We will change Warnet into a subscription based game very soon!

I was not happy to do this, but server costs kept rising and it is a bit too much to pay just for fun...

But before you get all crazy about it , a few goodies:
* Everyone will get free months. (And even if these months expire, you can still play all your games!)
* If someone makes a PRO game, he can invite anyone to play (even free players).
* If we get revenue, we can make improvements!
* Prices will be low - not looking for huge profits, rather to get some revenue to continue improving the game. (At the moment it is "late nights and angry wife" )

And one in a lifetime opportunity - if you want to get a life time access, a unique badge for your profile and a good feeling - donate now at least 25 eur / 33USD. The badge will say you are an early supporter, so everyone will know who happily helped Warnet to grow! (Everyone who has already donated will get life time access and the badge!)


2013-08-28 20:01

Yay, life time access


2013-08-30 04:15

majority of websites make money from advertisements. If you make some money from it, I suggest you to sell additional space on the left side of the screen.
Players, who do not want to see advertisements can pay $5 or $10 subscription per month.
Not allowing people to play for free will cause many players to leave the game - there are plenty of free war and strategy games...


2013-08-30 07:40

My thoughts

Game can be played free, but with a bit fewer units. We think this would also help to remove the learning gap - as for new players there are soooo many units to learn about. If there would be less from the beginning, this would make it easier to get started.

So in short - for new players they can still play some of the campaigns, take part in multiplayer games (with less units) etc. (Or take part in "PRO" games when invited).

Subscription fee is thought to be something like 1-2eur per month (2 paid per one month, 1 if paid for a year), so quite cheap.


2013-08-30 13:52

I've donated several times, but will donate again


2013-08-31 23:18


Donation page is all in Euro... and no 20E level...

I hate to donate in euro because I get the worst exchange rate possible and additional fees from the credit card for converting! So that 20E becomes closer to $30 or even more....


2013-09-01 23:27

Garry, that is a good point.
I did not think about that before.
I added USD possibility.

Sirwhale, thank you!


2013-09-04 04:04

There ya go Balduran... Thanks for making the change. Do some good stuff with it.

Now wheres my badge!?! Gotta have the bling! ! !


2013-09-04 07:54

Thank you, badges will come as soon as we will do the update


2013-09-05 07:52

Donated. Thanks for the great game Bal!


2013-09-06 12:01

Donated. Great game. Don't let it die.


2013-09-13 19:43

I agree with thekknight. especially because while I would love to pay I cant right now so...


2013-09-16 13:20

or maybe you could sell extra maps or single player levels or something


2013-10-16 14:29

"Game can be played free, but with a bit fewer units.”

please ... i need to understand it...
... i surely don’t pay for any kind of game in internet .... sorry ...
but i really love this...
... i try to support searching some new member from my friends
like ahriman who played only one mounth ... but i tried ...
or like brother of my wife... i’m near to get him here

unbadged can still play but with not the full set of units...
and can play in game setted up from “badged” one ... ( right ? )

... may be good... but ...

if i play with them...
... i surely lost cause he can use longbow and horseman rather then me ?

what about some seconds of advertisement before ( or during ) every loading map for unbadged ?


2013-10-16 22:11


what Balduran suggest is that some of the units become "locked" so only subscription players can use them.

So if you play for free there is say no Horse archer in the game. If a subscription player join in a game with you he will not be able to use it either. So it would be still fair and you would have the same chance to win, but ot would be less fun...


2013-10-17 09:19

and, as I understand it, if a subscription player invites a free player then he can use all units as well because he was invited... this I think is a very good idea because gives subscription players a powerful tool to attract new players to the game...


2013-10-17 18:10

I thinked it was as you say....

but i wanted to be sure ...

black on white ( as we say in italy ) or in this case white on black
( ... it means ... writed )


2014-02-27 05:03

I do love this game...

Trouble is, too many people have multiple accounts which give insane advantages to game-play.
If this game-breaking aspect isn't being dealt with, (as it is in every subscription based game), then how can anyone be expected to pay for it?

I would say that one out of every three ranked games is ruined by one person playing with two or even three colors. Sure, I could stop playing ranked games completely, but I enjoy the ranking.
It's frustrating enough that I've started to get tired of playing at all, much less paying to play.

If you want to be professional enough to charge players money, then how about being professional enough to identify and delete multiple accounts?


2014-03-05 05:05

I was frustrated when I wrote that last post. I could have been much more polite.
I am very grateful to everyone involved in keeping this site up and running. Honestly, I have no idea how much work it must take to run this site, but I bet it's a f*** ton.

Thanks for all the great work making this game awesome.

When it comes time for subscriptions, I hope the money pours in. You all deserve it.


2014-03-14 18:21

Hey, Balduran guy...Im having trouble playing these games. Sometimes the games freezes up. Its my turn on an open game, and even if I refresh the page, the computer wont let me move. What do I do?


2014-03-14 18:28

Is there any way 2 cancel ur vacation?


2014-03-16 14:58

I don't know, i think you can do it on your profile page, or maybe simply playing...


2014-05-11 10:16

bun joc


2014-05-11 15:53

you don`t need to cancel the vacations. You can play in holiday to


2015-02-02 19:10

dragging this thread back onto the topic:

Does "lifetime access" mean "until i die or until the site admin dies, whichever comes first"?

If so, i would certainly pay 20 euro for that, because i am likely to last at least another 10 years, and i hope that the site admin will last much longer, and i'm enjoying the game.

Right now, 20 euros is about 25 dollars, but i'm not going to cavil at paying 33 dollars, if the alternative is more like 1 euro/month.


2015-04-01 23:40

I want to talk about the collapse of the US dollar and how it is to effect global interests and UN finances have you ever herd of Amero or Eurasian currency. this is to unite global fronts to come under one government, they also want to unite all faith under one religion of their choice. these are all easily depicted through the Georgia guide stones which was paid for by the builaberg group who are behind the new world order. the Rothschild family which is in control of $500 trillion, which happens to be about 50% of the entire worlds currency, is the group that started the buildabergs. this group consists of the richest men and women in existence, this also includes all major media companies which is admittedly controlled by our government. if you don't believe, or want more info for yourself do the research. google it youtube it do whatever it takes to get this OUT. we need to rise together. the republic needs to rise again. we need to become the new founding fathers. our ancestors would be outraged by our lack of action.


2015-04-16 20:02

Ah, if the writer were not obviously not a native writer of English, i would suspect, from the date, an "April Fool" joke.


2015-04-22 03:25

its not a joke. I didn't even realize the date. please look the info up. agenda 21 Earths summit 40 chapters Georgia guide stones and the Bilderberg documentary. please and thank you We the people need to stand together and educate others to fight for freedom


2015-06-04 13:30

I think you need help...


2015-06-27 19:05

baueda! LMAO!!!!!!! My exact thoughts!!!!!!!!!


2015-07-11 14:24

what i remember from a little piece that i saw that tried to explain the guide stones and how they work is that they are pre-Columbus, so that the Bilderbergs are unlikely to have been involved in their construction -- but i could have come away with an incorrect understanding. are they anywhere near Conyers? i'm doing my best to take you seriously here, but sometimes you sound a bit overwrought.


2016-04-20 06:27

Thank you Balduran for your awesome work! I hope you can balance family life and making awwesome games well gl
I'll be donating today. This is a fantastic game. Thanks for making a life time sub option. I am really not down with subscriptions personally, just becuase I dont know if I will have an income each month. But don't mind at all to fork out at least once for something I love playing.

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