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2016-08-06 03:40

Now, composite flooring has occupied the market place. The houseowner buy bamboo flooring or composite wood flooring whice one is better , below i simplw analyze ? The decoration is to buy bamboo flooring or wood floor which one id good selection.
You go walk around the building materials market is not difficult to find, now, bamboo flooring has occupied the market place. ? The landlord is okay to buy bamboo flooring bamboo flooring flooring good or good tangled election is due to ignorance, because of tangled understand less, at the moment, not a loss, here, we'll let you analyze:? The decoration is optional bamboo flooring good or good selection of wood flooring.
Before you want to buy bamboo flooring This flooring has a general understanding. Bamboo flooring constituted by the following four main parts, the uppermost layer is aluminum oxide wear layer, mainly to protect the bamboo surface; the second layer is a surface layer of bamboo flooring, bamboo using the original pressing, retain the original bamboo texture; the third layer is base layer, generally with bamboo or wood smashed into the high-pressure, low-carbon environment; lowermost layer backplane balance, can effectively prevent deformation of the floor and avoid the influx of cement from corrosion.
First, buy the advantages of bamboo flooring
1, bamboo flooring is more comfortable than the wooden floor
The use of comfort, bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring is much better than diamond plate, it can be said to be cool. Buy bamboo flooring and bamboo is mainly due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, people no matter what the season can comfortably barefoot walk on these and other stone tiles comparison can not match.
2, bamboo flooring more environmentally friendly than wood flooring
In the long run, will be the development direction of the bamboo flooring home improvement floor, bamboo growing season considerably shorter than the trees, a few years can become useful as a resource for sustainable production. Timber and solid wood flooring is 3, more than 40 years old primeval forest trees, sustainable growth is difficult, basically is a small one, less material, more and more precious. Buy bamboo flooring will help to reduce the use of wood, has a function of environmental protection in the use of large earth's resources, wood floors will affect resources subject to very few people become luxury.
Second, the disadvantage to buy bamboo flooring
1, bamboo flooring is better to buy wooden stable
Stability, bamboo flooring contraction and expansion than solid wood flooring small. But in the actual durability of bamboo flooring shortcomings are obvious, first, by the influence of the sun and wet prone to delamination, while in the south, bamboo flooring is easy to grow beetles, affecting the life of the floor. That you buy bamboo flooring, you should also understand that if you choose recommended for wood floors in the south, if you do not want to consider this matter, it is only a reference.
2, bamboo flooring is better flooring good color
Compare aesthetics from bamboo flooring itself is more monotonous color, buy bamboo flooring is difficult to adapt to a variety of decor, wooden floors according to their different textures and trees trees have a different texture, it can be said to be more beautiful.

the article come from:composite floor water damage repair


2016-08-06 09:57

<P> In the city construction and management of activities, Wenshang county highway departments to further strengthen the sense of responsibility, update effective conservation management concepts to meticulous maintenance and management as a means to manage the four modernizations as standard, give prominence to road maintenance standardization intensive, humanization, enhancing the overall quality of Wenshang road for the creation of provincial civilized city, national sanitary city and national garden city make a positive contribution. </P>
<P> grasping force conservation standardization. Highway Maintenance strictly implement the "road maintenance technology standards" and the new "state of technology assessment standards road", the road to do all kinds of diseases timely disposal, road clean and comfortable traveling. Grasping force of conservation norms. Clear all levels of staff job responsibilities, strengthening traffic survey and disease forecasting, prevention and management plan to strengthen conservation, establish and improve the system of road maintenance management. </P>
<P> Road conservation intensification. Actively to seek the higher conservation machinery and equipment, has purchased two road car wash sweep, four road hairdryer road maintenance machinery and other equipment used for construction, improve the efficiency of road maintenance work, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity of maintenance workers. Force arrested road maintenance people of this. </P>
<P> has implemented a "car-oriented, people-oriented" service concept, to create "sunshine people, harmonious way," the road brand. Road construction work to take the vehicle lane clearance, road construction lane, so construction and traffic correct. Highway Greening use, shrub and grass planting alternating groups, many varieties of green coverage in favor of the solid base slope protection, improve the safety and service life of the main highway, roadway achieve harmony with the green channel. </P>

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2016-08-06 10:05

Newspaper Kunming, March 21 (Reporter Yuan Guoqiang) "Our party building work, the most fundamental is to promote enterprise reform and development." This is China Railway Construction equipment study and implement the Party Committee of China Railway Construction Party second eleven Plenary spirit formed when (expand) Conference and party building and anti-corruption work conference consensus.

Earlier this year, China Railway Construction equipment Party listed as an opportunity to adapt to the new normal, domestic and international political and economic situation accurately judged, scientific analysis of the new situation facing new challenges, new missions, closely around the company, "Thirteen Five" plan and listing topic mixed ownership companies standardized operation, deepen reform, strengthen party building, implementation of the "two responsibilities" to determine the "party building on the one hand, one hand operation," the work of thinking, with good politics, ideology, organization, style of business scientific development to open a new bureau.

To ensure that this year's work a good start, a good start, Railway Construction equipment Party "three strict three real" style seize the opportunity to regulate the operation of listed, detailed work of party building, and actively promote institutional reform, the reform of the remuneration system, the employment system reform, stimulate business vitality and power development; adhere to service enterprise reform and development the central task, adhere to the legal status of the party organization in the modern corporate governance structure, improve the Party leadership of the central role of institutional mechanisms to achieve "four simultaneous" "four docking "; implement a comprehensive tightening party discipline requirements, through the implementation of party secretary debriefing system, party building and Clean and Honest target responsibility system of inspections and examinations, strict implementation of eight musts, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability, the implementation of" triple a big "collective decision-making supervision and inspection issues, earnestly implement the" two responsibilities, "Delicate gas is to build a political ecology.

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2016-08-06 12:03

Oak wood flooring material in the oak flooring is regarded as good, due to its hard texture, comfortable, texture, appearance loved by the people, but also has its shortcomings, we also need to understand some of that here we come It describes the benefits and disadvantages of oak flooring.
Advantages oak floors as follows:
1. Texture distinctive appearance, after making a strong decorative flooring products, can be used with a variety of decor.
2. The timber heavy and hard, high strength and toughness.
3. Good stability, not easy to deformation situation.
4. is on the grade, suitable for the production of European furniture, Chinese classical furniture, significantly solid sense of mahogany furniture dignified and calm, but the price is lower than the mahogany furniture.
The disadvantage oak floors as follows:
1. The price is relatively high, mostly European and American imports, the small number of materials.
2. market phenomenon of rubber wood instead of oak, common, if a customer lack of expertise, directly affects the interests of consumers.
3, usually imported oak sheet in foreign countries have to undergo a rigorous drying, has good stability. Some manufacturers also direct import of logs from abroad, cut drying yourself. At present, many domestic stability oak furniture oak furniture manufacturing of professional firms are high. However, due to the heavy oak hard texture, moisture off the net more difficult, not off the clean water produced furniture, over a year or so may start deformation or shrinkage cracking.

the article come from:waterproofing decks over living areas


2016-08-07 08:19

There is a new home renovation project is focused on the shop floor, while the season will have some impact on the floor coverings, such as it is very hot and humid summer, the floor of the pavement on to note weather conditions, the flooring in the summer What are the precautions it?
1, before paving attention to weather factors. Summer weather is hot and wet, when laying the floor must be noted that to avoid the hot weather, but do not lay the floor in a rainy day. Hot weather floor pavement easily evaporate moisture, relatively late prone to cracking and curling. The ground is wet rainy day, after the damp floor easily play drums. So pavement floor should be chosen when the indoor temperature is relatively stable.
2, front floor coverings carefully examined. Before floor coverings need to check the moisture content of the foundation, preferably less than 10%. It should be noted that, in the front floor pavement cement floor and be sure to clean up dust, etc., to ensure smooth ground situation before paving. And summer is generally not suitable for gluing methods to fix the floor, some of the water-based glue easily lead to damp floor.
3, pay attention to the maintenance of the floor. Relatively strong summer light, the floor easy to dry in direct sunlight for a long time aging, can lead to shortened life of the floor. After the summer of floor coverings complete attention to indoor ventilation, formaldehyde and other volatile toxic gases contribute, of course, but also noted that the ventilation when the weather changes, causing the floor to avoid the rain floated into the interior soaked damp.

the article come from:Plastic Wood Material Manufacture in China


2016-08-08 06:06

The second is the merger of horizontal integration. Higa lead mergers over the years engaged in timber trade and processing of raw materials Jiangmen Pacific Wood, will further strengthen the resource advantage. And then continue to expand and improve production technology and scale, the multilayer wood floor substrate process significantly ahead of the market level, the cost is much lower than the industry average. So that the industry engaged in the wood flooring market segments, companies are closing and the transfer of production lines commissioned multi-layer wood base Higa foundry.

Although he grasped the notion of engineered wood flooring industry, but Higa flooring no abuse of market position exploit, but a lot of peer equality, friendship and cooperation, this has continued to grow in this segment of the market to 25% per year the proportion continues to grow, even in the face of the economic crisis in 2009, European companies can not stand up.

This is the industry leader in multi-layer parquet flooring Higa national industry overall situation of the general demeanor. In the preparation of multi-national wood industry standards, Higa floor is of course the relevant government departments of choice for participating companies. Higa floor of course elected chairman of the Committee for the Forestry Department under floor units.

Although China Forestry Industry Association recently organized the fourth forum to deal with the dual investigation learned: final results of the US anti-China double floor may turn unfavorable to China more likely, but to Higa, St. like nature as the representative of Chinese flooring companies, we will not bow to this, will be for the development of Chinese flooring industry grow endless struggle!

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2016-08-08 06:14

Bathroom floor the most important consideration is focused on water treatment done, you will also want it to look beautiful and comfortable to stampede. There are many choices, each with its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of comfort for the bathroom floor the most important consideration is focused on water treatment done, you will also want it to look beautiful and comfortable to stampede. There are many choices, each with its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of comfort as the main consideration, the carpet is the most popular choice; but donated anti-moisture, is preferable to use the bathroom rug designed specifically for rubber floor.
Into a piece of plastic floor mats it is usually very good choice, feeling comfortable cave, the price is also reasonable - but as long as a wet floor will become very slippery. Therefore, if the elderly at home or action without messengers, to pay special attention. Soft oak brick declining in recent years, the extent of that joy of the mountain, but the bathroom is concerned but as good as a good choice. This material lines the floor warm and comfortable, as long as the selection is sealed, but also has a waterproof function.
If the bathroom floor to ceiling lined with ceramic tiles, it is quite suitable. Granite tiles can create a relaxing atmosphere. But any kind of tile floor, when stepped on the foot of the shares will have Qinliang sense, but also very slippery when wet, so when you purchase, be sure to determine whether a non-slip floor tile design.

the article come from:Outdoor Composite Chairs for Beach


2016-08-08 08:24

Yixing locates south-west of Jiangsu province, next to Guangde, Anhui and Changxi, Zhejiang. Yixing is one of most famous bamboo hometown in China. Information from Yixing City, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, Yixing was awarded three Number One in bamboo flooring, nationwide processing scale, product quality and sales in the market.
Yixing is known as bamboo sea, the early 1980s began to set up bamboo board, panels and bamboo shoot processing factories. Currently, the city has 136 kinds of bamboo processing enterprises with annual output value of bamboo products processing industry $ 550 million Chinese yuan. The city of bamboo products in addition to traditional low value-added food bamboo products, construction bamboo products, civil rough bamboo products, there is a new development in recent years, bamboo flooring, bamboo plywood, engineered bamboo flooring, bamboo curtains, bamboo furniture, bamboo charcoal series and dozens of new varieties.
Yixing existing bamboo area of 200 thousand acres, which is one-third of the province's bamboo forest area. In recent years, Yixing had widely used high yield bamboo, bamboo annual output to more than 300 million poles.
The city's annual output of 2.5 million square meters of bamboo flooring, bamboo curtain more than 600 million square meters, bamboo plywood over 500,000 square meters, the products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, more than 10 countries, annual export earned $ 30 million us dollar.

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2016-08-08 09:14

Asphalt recycling technology is mainly divided into local heat regeneration, in situ cold recycling, hot mix plant regeneration and plant cold recycling mix four. Familiar with each regeneration mode adaptability and limitations, the right choice is the first step in the regeneration mode.
Situ thermal regeneration
Situ thermal regeneration is the site of the old road, the use of mobile devices in situ thermal regeneration of the old asphalt pavement heating, harrowing, after scarifying recycling agent is added, the new asphalt, new aggregate, and mixing the feed mixing tank, thus obtain excellent recycled asphalt concrete paving recycled asphalt pavement. This process is a dynamic continuous process. In this process it must be based on different materials and pavement engineering quality formulation requirements, mix design to determine the proportion of the old asphalt mixture recycling agent, new asphalt materials, new aggregate.
1. The main purpose is to amend non-structural bearing capacity shortage caused by surface damage.
2. Suitable for any surface Asphalt Pavement Base destabilizing form.
3. does not change the drainage, curbs, drains, walkways, curbs and other structures.
4. The short construction period. After regeneration of the old pavement recycling train, a few hours after roller compaction can restore the traffic.
limitation factor:
1. Equipment investment is large, a regeneration train hundreds of thousands of yuan.
2. On-site construction quality is difficult to control. Because the site thermal regeneration process is a continuous dynamic process, we need to control the quality of the road for real-time testing.
3. As the scene in situ thermal regeneration of the production process to add a certain amount of new material as needed, repaired the road elevation increases.
4. situ thermal regeneration of the heat released by the toxic material blue smoke, from the former can not focus.
5. A site can not be recycled materials to paving other work, that is, high-grade pavement recycled materials can not be used on low-grade roads.
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2016-08-08 09:26

This year, Wang Lin flooring industry exports good momentum of development, an increase of 37.5%. Recently, however, various unfavorable factors at home and abroad but also to the floor export enterprises has brought unprecedented challenges. Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade, pine wood composite decking maintenance Bureau of Foreign Trade Deputy Director Shen whole wing to the floor export corporate CEOs who introduced the current foreign trade overall development of international trade development faces situation and future trends.


2016-08-08 11:48

<p>1. flooring products increasingly wide range of applications, making consumers of flooring products gradually familiar. In this, the section for you from the concept to the floor one by one description of the product category, hoping you understand and buy flooring products help. From the floor of the structure and materials to sub-floor is generally divided into: solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and so on.</p>

<p>2. Solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring is natural wood as raw material, from the surface in the end is the same species from the processing floor. Because of its natural materials, always keep its natural color, no pollution, easy cleaning, is a truly green building materials. Its structure can be divided into flat floors, tongue and groove flooring, finger joint solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring integrated finger.</p>

<p>3. Solid wood flooring: solid wood parquet flooring replacement part. It is a high-quality wood cutting board sliced ??into the surface, core board and backplane chip, and then the mechanics of three kinds of different varieties of monolithic materials in accordance with the longitudinal, lateral, vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, glued together, and in pressed into boards at a high temperature, which makes the wood to change iso under control. Can be divided into three solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring joinery three categories, more than three-layer decoration in the living room parquet.</p>

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2016-08-08 12:12

At the same time, the unique texture of gold in the same floor even more luxurious. Fight easily understood music technology uses a new snap-on technology assembly floor, with easy installation, fast; do not destroy the house structure; prevent the floor from the seam,plastic composite tiles for outdoors Japan, the United States, Malaysia and other places, by foreign consumers.


2016-08-08 15:02

Solid wood flooring slab processing key is dried and balanced ( "self-cultivation", some small businesses do not have wood drying facilities, outsourced high quality floor decking suppliers tucson flooring quality is not easy to see with the naked eye characteristics, shoddy, through price competition, short-term benefits, disrupting normal competition in the market; there are some operators themselves do not have the ability or not to lay emphasis on the quality of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring so that laying occurred because quality disputes have continued to increase.


2016-08-08 19:07

Cork flooring is cork particles and elastic adhesive, using a special floor covering material processing technology and equipment, generally have a thickness of 3.2 mm to 4 mm. Strictly speaking, not the cork wood, oak bark. The main component of cork softwood fibers are composed of dead cells polyhedral shape, the space between the cells are filled with air is almost the same as the mixed gas. Special structure and composition such that cork has a series of special properties: lightweight, flexible compression, non-permeability, moisture corrosion, poor conductivity, heat insulation, abrasion, and other non-flammable.
Because cork by the numerous air sacs, formed on the surface of numerous small suction cups, when people walk on it, when the pace of contact with the ground, the pace of cork flooring will be slightly adsorbed on the ground, reducing the relative displacement between the feet and the floor reduces friction, thereby prolonging the service life and durability of the floor, but also played a role in noise reduction, sound absorption.

Cork wall maintenance:
1, with a vacuum cleaner, Tansu son, a damp cloth can be;
2, if the waxed panels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth;
3, local stains available eraser, must not use the weapon to eradicate.
4, floor 24 hours after installation before the furniture on the floor, try to reduce personnel move around on it within 24 hours.
5, floor maintenance, shall wash with water, polishing or scouring powder to clean.
6, the surface of the painting cork flooring maintenance with solid wood flooring, as is generally six months to play a floor wax; usually only wring dry mop or rag mop. Hard to wipe the place removed with special cleaning agents.
8, to avoid the impact of a strong floor, moving furniture to lift move for the benefit, not drag furniture leg pad material.
9, it is recommended at the door covered by a rub pads to reduce wear and tear on the sand floor.
10, away from home, you shut the windows, doors, especially the tap, in order to avoid rain, dripping water soaked the floor.
11, when the winter heating test the water, must be to keep people at home, to prevent the destruction of floor heating running water.

the article come from:Ultra Deck Rustic Hollow Board


2016-08-09 04:37

<p>WPC is the most widely used single building housing a cover and building decoration materials in landscape architecture. Housing cover mainly canteen, Tinglang garden, tea room, WPC products can imitate the texture tile and slate, impermeable, light weight, reduce transportation costs, reduce the structural requirements.<br />
<p>wpc park bench demonstrated by the use of public seating sleek curves, the landscape of the functional areas were virtually separated WPC color and shape close to the log, including the arc can be laughing, you can feast for the eyes in the outer arc you can meditation raising projects to be relieved as much as possible fun, acting chair of the performance of the head.<br />
<p>However, modern landscape design, lounge area design more rational, modern complex requirements. Present landscape in the park bench is a major feature of the park wpc chairs from wood-plastic materials, wood-plastic material close to the color of wood, but it has antiseptic properties make waterproof wpc park bench issued glory.</p>
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2016-08-09 05:50

Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee members for environmental issues growing consumer emphasis on environmental quality home improvement proposed a "Green Home" This idea, which is environmentally friendly wood multi colored wpc floor product cost floor, and require companies to control content and concentration of wood flooring in the volatile organic compounds in order to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the product, and indirectly improve people's home environment, to promote green business direction development, to create a beautiful green homes and lay a solid foundation.


2016-08-09 06:54

We understand that glasses can be divided into single glass, double glass, and double-glass design greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, when used, can play the role of anti-hot heat.Juice Glassware From Factory


2016-08-09 07:00

I cannot wait till the mission packs gets all the missions done and dusted
even though I do not have a rank of 1050, half way there though!


2016-08-09 07:34

<P> designed for medium and large cracks and cracks appeared after the opening of the initial pavement highway, national and provincial, county and township road, urban roads and airports repair after emerging </p>
<P> sealing machine works: </p>
<P> HTF by burner heating, then heat to all parts of asphalt tank, asphalt tank uniform heating, melt to achieve rapid results. </P>
<P> heated to operating temperature, pouring glue gun is transported to the pouring through the manual control the flashlight control switch, pouring glue output control, achieve the purpose of pouring construction. Paving the correct method of operation, not only mechanical maintenance, and energy efficient operations </p>
<P> irrigation sewing machine operation step: </p>
<P> 1, turn the ignition switch, recoil start the engine throttle to maintain speed, the use of exhaust gas to preheat the asphalt tank; </p>
<P> (1) key to turn on the switch, so that the battery charge; </p>
<P> (2) 2 minutes after the switch to open the electric heating, oil heating through a burner (hand touch will be hot) Note: The cold should choke off, and then, after hot car </p>
After <p> 2, warmed up for 15 to 25 minutes, stirring well to determine, (stirrer motor with variable speed electric motors imported brands, the structure is simple, easy to use) the heat to all parts of asphalt tank, or to proceed heating, melt time of approximately 45 minutes. </P>
<P> Third, put a small piece of crack filling material, and so it melts and then continue pouring into the material, started pouring pouring should wait until all materials were melted and then work, then you can edge pouring edge feeding; </ p>
<P> Fourth, the nozzle at the cement seam (ground 3 ~ 5mm), pulling down pouring switch lever while pushing the machine to move forward, so that the melted material injected into the pouring cement joints. When pouring one-time filled the gap, it can be divided into two filled </p>
<P> Fifth, before the end of pouring, asphalt tank should crack filling material as possible after spraying, in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the next job; shall promptly bitumen tank residual material pouring out of you, and to ensure that the box Clean inside; </p>
<P> Sixth, when the job is finished, you should turn off the heating switch, the engine continued to idle for 5 to 10 minutes, then turn off the switch, let the engine flameout, irrigation sewing machine lever should be put back to the oil position; </p >
<P> Seven, irrigation sewing machine should always check the various parts for maintenance work. </P>

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2016-08-09 10:41

<P> There are a lot of high-pressure cleaning vehicle purchase customers friend enough to buy high-pressure washing car division, will ask you this tank does not rust and corrosion? For our high pressure cleaning vehicles, high pressure cleaning cars are free discharge standard rot. Not only have to watch tanker rust, corrosion treatment should focus on. Tank corrosion, refers to the appearance of the metal substrate selection of special anti-corrosion materials to the substrate into line protection to prevent corrosion was external factors (such as sewage, oils, atmospheric oxidation, acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals). </P>
<P> not the same type of tank car can be determined according to the media contained in its corrosion level, so that corrosion is divided into several categories, here by a high-pressure cleaner car manufacturer's technical staff to explain to you. Typically, there are three tank trucks corrosion construction plan: </p>
<P> 1, usually antiseptic </p>
<P> For the first preservative usually less corrosive media, use the appropriate anti-corrosion materials in the coating, barrier coating layer may act as anti-expansion intentions. Typically preservative is usually applied to water tankers, tankers, food tankers, suction truck, sewage suction truck, high pressure cleaning vehicles. In addition, the use of the coastal areas of fire, save if the choice of seawater, the fire inside the tank also needs accordingly embalmed. </P>
<P> 2, anti-corrosion lining porcelain (also known as: weight control) </p>
<P> anti-corrosion lining porcelain known as severe corrosion, mainly for acid, alkali, salt concentration and other heavy chemical protection. The primary selection sandblasting porcelain lining anti-corrosion treatment, complete degreasing, rust scale, handle the process, then spray, ceramic liner, the coating and the substrate solid contact, and then reach a lasting antiseptic effect.Corrosion lining porcelain strengths are: high temperature, contact strong, resistant to acid, alkali, salt corrosion, with a non-toxic, the use of long life.Corrosion lining porcelain generally applicable to chemical liquid vehicles, namely carbon steel lined rotomolding chemical car. </P>
<P> 3, long-term preservation of metal </p>
<P> The primary long-term preservation for metallic acid, alkali, high temperature resistant, anti-static, anti-corrosion is difficult to adhere to a long period of special anti-corrosion. You may request according to different selection of corrosion (zinc, copper, aluminum, lead, stainless steel, babbitt, etc.) special metal atomized spray, to open into a strong anti-corrosion coatings, shelf life of up to 30 years. Due to anti-corrosion coatings containing organic solvents, corrosion tanker construction site should pay attention to ventilation, the use of explosion-proof lighting, open fire and so on. </P>

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2016-08-09 11:40

Ready to open a small roller before starting: 1, before starting the engine to be controlled using manual inspection of each system level, hydraulic emergency coolant is normal, reliable, check the connection part of the bolt is loose. 2, check the electrical system is intact. 3, check the following Luoyang roller attachment and whether someone or obstacles. 4. Check the vibration switch is off and change ...
Driving small roller before starting preparations:
?1. before starting the engine to be controlled using manual inspection of each system level, hydraulic emergency coolant is normal, reliable, check the connection part of the bolt is loose.
?2.check the electrical system is intact.
?3. check the following Luoyang roller attachment and whether someone or obstacles.
?4. Check the vibration switch is off and the transmission is in neutral gear.
?5. check all instruments, steering wheel, brakes, lights and speakers are normal, safe and reliable.
?6. before the roller Luoyang Luoyang roller attachment or to ensure that no person or obstacle below.
??Wiltshire was born in Shandong Engineering Machinery Construction Machinery base - Jining, Komatsu, Shantui, heavy truck service supporting, "doing excellent products, customer service," the idea is rooted in every employee behavior standards. And to produce the best-selling road as an opportunity and purpose; railway; municipal conservation areas such as SMEs and special construction machinery.
??Company advanced production equipment, technology is strong in research and development, testing equipment, and the first through the ISO series certification. It has been the purchase of iron twenty Bureau Group, China Road and Bridge, Chinese municipal, road maintenance and other group companies. Widely praised by users.
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2016-08-09 13:34

Said the infrastructure sector is the most bitter of the most tired of the industry, this is no exception in China Railway Construction 20th Bureau Group of five companies Westwood project. Looking back more than five years of arduous journey, Hud Westwood project, no not his life selflessly fought in the West Po speed construction site, to shut the transportation business, they despite wind and rain, sipping CRCC human ups and downs.

From Westwood High-speed B-C10 standard, the standard extension 10, to today's B-C12 standard, China Railway Construction 20th Bureau Group of five companies Westwood high-speed project department always has a strong combat effectiveness. This is due to the increase, led by Wu Rong and Liu Shouxian project leadership set an example and carefully nurtured.

It is because of such a solid team, China Railway Construction 20th Bureau Group of five companies Westwood project department is always able to tackle tough, high-speed ahead on Westwood building fronts. Faced Westwood B-12 high-speed multi-line long punctuation, structure demolition more difficult all difficulties and obstaing study tours typical demonstration projects and exchange of experiences.

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2016-08-09 13:39

     Be sure to select the ground when the home improvement materials comply with national standards for harmful substances; and a reasonable mix of ground material, more than one hundred square meters room area's best not to choose a floor material, to prevent contamination caused by hazardous substances superimposed.
In addition, children in the decoration of the room floor, there are some details to note: First, the floor material should be warm to the touch and easy to clean, can not have uneven patterns, seams, because any such accidentally fall into concave seams small things can become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these embossed and cracks can easily stumble toddler.
     Secondly, although too hard flooring is easy to clean, but for the kids crawling around will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, the floor has to be more flexible, and better slip resistance. Finally, do not pavement plastic floor, the market some products such as foam floor puzzles will release large amounts of volatile organic substances, it will affect the child's health.
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2016-08-09 13:54

Dunkle Strang Bambus-Fußboden ist die beste Bambus Freiendecking. Es hat eine bessere Stabilität dann regelmäßige gepresste Bambusdielen. Dunkle Strang Bambus haben nicht die Probleme der Biege, Spaltung und Pilz.
Erstens brauchen wir eine dunkle verkohlten Bambus machen, für diesen Schritt, stellen wir die Bambusstreifen in eine Carbonisierung Topf, nach wenigen Stunden, die Streifen mit dunkler Farbe kommen und über verkohlt. Die Streifen sind sehr weich und zerbrechlich.

Zweitens: Wir drücken die über verkohlten Bambusstreifen von 2450 x 1840 x 22 mm ein Brett sein, das Pressen ist ähnlich wie Strang geflochtenem Bambus, einschließlich der Bänder Kleben, Erwärmen der Streifen, so dass die Platte, Kühlen des Board usw.

Last, schneiden wir die große Größe Panel in die Größen, die wir wollen, wie 2440 x 140 x 20 mm oder 1840 x 140 x 20 mm, da dies die Standardgröße von Bambus Freiendecking ist.
Der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen regulären Bambus mit dunklen Strang Bambus ist nicht auf den Leim, sondern die spezielle Behandlung auf Bambusstreifen. Regelmäßige Bambus beträgt 4 Stunden karbonisiert und dunkle Strang Bambus beträgt 12 Stunden karbonisiert, so dass die Carbonisierung ist ganz anders und das macht Bambus aussehen sehr dunkle, fast schwarze Farbe. Mit langen Zeit Carbonisierung, wird es Bambus-Streifen sehr trocken und Feuchtigkeit ist super leise, fast Null ist, erhalten so, nachdem sie mit Leim Pressen, die Belag sehr stabil ist und keine Biegung, schimmelig und Spaltung.

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2016-08-09 14:38

European Code of floor selling undeniable, real wood grain series 2008 series of promotional activities, so that the EU Code of the floor in the country has won a high reputation, but the EU Code of harvest not only in this. Open European Code (China) site,wood polymer composite patents Domestic flooring market fawning EU Code of the floor price is a reflection of the problems currently exist in the domestic flooring market.


2016-08-10 05:11

In the country whipping up enthusiasm for the development of recycling economy, the emerging WPC industry how to develop? Countries strongly support the wood industry is still work to do what? Professionals told reporters, although the growth of Chinese WPC history but ten years, but the wood-plastic composite materials design, manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, many products have been exported abroad. Since the wood materials used in products available for waste plastics and waste wood, straw and other plant fiber as agriculture, forestry base, without any additional harmful ingredients. Re-use and recycled, regarded as environmental protection, energy conservation, resource recycling in the true sense of the new products. No matter from which side, growth in wood-plastic composites and finished there is a considerable space.

WPC industry will be a win-win industry. For consumers, wood floors are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only can control harmful emissions, but also be able to do so on the ground waterproof. For designers, this new wood flooring materials, both natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements. For decoration companies, not only easy to install but also significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, anti-termite, deformation features can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.

"WPC has more environmental effects and economic advantages," Expert analysis: The first is the protection of forest resources. 1 ton WPC foldable timber 1 cubic meter, which is about 1 acre of land on a one-year fast-growing forest timber maximum amount. Each uses one ton WPC can reduce deforestation 1 acres of land. Followed by waste utilization. WPC is made of plant fibers and plastic composite material consisting of mixed material. After screening, crushing, grinding and process, it becomes wood wood raw material. China's annual total of up to 70 million tons of waste plastic over plastic waste in the landfill after 200 years to decompose is complete, and the decomposition process will generate toxic substances, causing damage to the soil; in China each year there are about more than 700 million tons of straw treatable, and treatment are mostly incinerated, it will produce more than 350 million tons of CO2 emissions, causing serious air pollution and greenhouse gas effect. WPC new material from the use of raw materials point of view, can alleviate the "white pollution" problem to some extent, can also ease the air pollution caused by burning waste straw.

Experts believe that the wood products technology is a viable innovative technology, has broad market prospects and good economic and social benefits, should be vigorously promoted. But many restrictions by technology, funds, equipment and marketing capabilities, but also the need for specific policies and fiscal vigorously support. WPC currently enjoy preferential tax policies rarely, in the value-added tax and corporate income tax integrated resource directories are not explicitly mentioned. Japan can learn from useful experience, the introduction of preferential policies to support the wood industries. Funded enterprises such as wood products research and development of technology, the company offers low-interest loans to be straw wood raw materials acquisition and storage of wood, the company offers preferential tax policies. Also timely introduction of relevant policies and standards, the promotion of wood materials, wood products used in the construction field.

In waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core cycle model of economic development has become the trend of world economic development. The industry will need to make insight into the development trend of the industry. Guan Rong Jian said that China's new materials market demand average annual growth of up to about 20%, while the construction and building materials industry in the construction of energy-saving applications made more demands. Plastic and wood combination of wood flooring is becoming a new trend in flooring industry, we must seize this building plastic spring, Yong Pan industry peak.

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2016-08-10 05:26

<P> key equipment of the technologies involved: miniature energy-saving asphalt mixing plant, asphalt insulation transport container </P>.
<P> asphalt directly determine the quality of the pothole repair, to ensure the quality of the road surface pit mix, the road was too mechanical for the current road maintenance Patching potholes drawbacks needs analysis, development and production of energy-saving micro asphalt mixing plant, asphalt tank insulation transport portfolio for the perfect solution for road construction Pothole repair variety of puzzles, too Henan Road Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a new "pavement pothole repair fine sets of technology", this technology greatly enhance the pavement pit road Wabu fine job level, consistent with national low-carbon environment, safe and civilized construction requirements. </P>
<P> 1, pits Wabu disadvantages </P>
<P> (1). Pavement everyday minor repairs (especially pit Wabu job) usually occurs in the summer months (temperatures above 10 ℃) When, one to the winter maintenance and repair to unfold. </P>
<P> (2). In order to ensure the conservation of the required mixture, usually until the dig pits during the asphalt mixing plant production, on a "do not fill pits and other pit, pit does not fill like repair" phenomenon, miss conservation of the favorable opportunity. </P>
<P> (3). Dump Truck transport mix transit temperature loss fast, easy to grasp how much discharge, a mixed material segregation phenomenon. </P>
<P> 2, the main innovation </P>
<P> (1). This technology is not climatic conditions, it can be used all year round. </P>
. <P> (2) in Mini asphalt mixing plant to meet your unfavorable season, small-volume, low-cost supply mix; </P>
. <P> (3) Asphalt thermal transport container solve asphalt temperature loss in transit, segregation and other issues; </P>
<P> (4). Putty pits interface enables construction seasons cold, 1 hour 95% modified indicators, to ensure the effective interfacial bonding. </P>
<P> 3, construction technology </P>
<P> pit to repair 100 square meters, the old asphalt pavement 5cm thick as an example: the desired mixture of 100 square meters × 0.05m × 2.4t / m³ = 12 tons, saving configuration micro asphalt mixing plant (production efficiency 15 ~ 20t / h) 1 Taiwan, asphalt insulation transport container (volume 5m³) 1 Taiwan, to meet operational needs. </p>
<P> process: Mixture preparation → → loft slotted pit bottom spray cleaning → → → brushing interface agent mixture transport unloading → paving compaction. </P>

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2016-08-10 05:40

Autonomous Highway Administration four measures to promote highway construction standardization activities.

First urge all project construction unit to implement the relevant laws and regulations, the development and construction project management system to improve the standardization program of activities, improve the quality and safety assurance system, standardization of the construction of the indicators included in the tender documents, related costs are included in a separate metering BOQ check the results of the assessment and credit rating hook.

Second, strengthen the standardization of construction projects of the station and the station, the implementation of mixed material mixing concentrated, centralized processing steel, precast member centralized "three centralized" measures.

Third, the use of information technology to dynamically monitor the quality of the project, to achieve the press, universal testing machines and other testing equipment to automatically collect test data, the Long Tunnel, long span bridge construction site installation of video surveillance systems, digital chip implanted in the helmet Wait.

Fourth, stepping up engineering and technical tests, safety training, organizing study tours typical demonstration projects and exchange of experiences.

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2016-08-10 06:30

<p>With the continuous improvement of material life, but more and more people pay attention to the decoration, from the previous tiled, and now the wooden floor. Wood floor maintenance is a skill, well maintained after a decade or wooden floors, bright and clean, on the contrary, in a few years it will lose its luster. Let's take a look at this thing dehumidifying wooden floors I.</p>

<p> Pepper except wet method, application of space:! Living room face the uncomfortable back to the south, Guangzhou has always been a folk tradition. Moisture approaches: one is to place dry pepper, may absorb some moisture, but often have to replace the dried chilli. Another is to place quality and reliable firecrackers, fireworks because sulfur inside, not only to dehumidify but also insecticides. Tips: 'earthwork' although the effect is good, but there are security issues firecracker, when public use or to be more careful. In addition, you can also burn a pot on the stove in the room to increase the indoor temperature, the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing indoor humidity. </p>

<p>Second, the French newspaper mildew, application of space: the bedroom and wet weather, often moldy clothes closet, how do moisture practice:? Long open the closet door, ventilated mildew, but dirt too much. As the bottom of the wardrobe covered with newspapers, even the inside of the closet door paste newspapers row. Newspapers can absorb moisture, mildew effect to achieve, and the ink can taste the newspaper insecticide. Tips: daily to avoid direct contact with the clothes, to prevent contamination of the ink. Third, the lime to absorb moisture method, application of space: the kitchen, the bedroom is simple and easy to do lime moisture absorption agent moisture practice: 1 kg of lime can absorb moisture in the air about 0.3 kg. Lime packed in wooden crates, days when the tide is not, cover; humid weather, open the lid, while the large windows do not open, you can maintain the air dry and pleasant. Tips: For most families, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, served in a wooden box or carton, into the closet or under a corner, but be careful not to pick up the child at home</p>

<p>.Fourth, salt mopping method, application of space: the kitchen, bathroom and kitchen. Moisture practice: salt desiccant is also useful, although not so powerful industrial salt deicing and snow melting salt to deal with damp home or more than sufficient. Tips: mop the floor with hot water with salt, this method can accelerate the evaporation of water</p>

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2016-08-10 06:31

Development of machinery industry last year basically achieved steady progress, in which the foreign trade situation for the better, new products, new technology research and development to become more active, high-end equipment of independent innovations are emerging. China's machinery industry is expected in early 2015 will continue the downward trend in 2014, but will gradually slow down, mid-year is expected to stabilize. February 11, China Machinery Industry Federation held the 2014 annual machine ...
Development of machinery industry last year basically achieved steady progress, in which the foreign trade situation for the better, new products, new technology research and development to become more active, high-end equipment of independent innovations are emerging. China's machinery industry is expected in early 2015 will continue the downward trend in 2014, but will gradually slow down, mid-year is expected to stabilize.
February 11, China Machinery Industry Federation held the 2014 annual conference on economic condition of the machinery industry. It is understood that in 2014 China's machinery industry basically achieved steady progress, expected in 2015 will continue the downward trend in 2014, but will gradually slow down, mid-year is expected to stabilize.
Executive vice president of the machine together, said Chen Bin, 2014 mechanical industrial added value increased by 10%, higher than the national industry average growth rate of 1.7 percentage points over the same period; machinery industry total realized main business income of 22.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.4%, higher than the national industrial growth rate 2.45 percentage points over the same period. 64 major machinery products, the production growth of 46 species. Chen Bin, analysts say, consumption upgrade more related products such as large agricultural machinery, passenger vehicles, sales situation is quite good; but the typical investment products, such as engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, production and marketing is weak.
It is worth noting that the machinery industry's foreign trade situation is better than last year, the accumulated total imports and exports $ 725.5 billion, an increase of 8.1%, exports of $ 402.3 billion, an increase of 8 percent, or 1.8 percentage points higher than last year, in which the private enterprises with exports amounting to $ 148.9 billion, an increase of 14.35%. "It is gratifying phenomenon, indicating that China's machinery industry trend to upgrade the product structure presentation." Special Adviser to the machine together Cai Wei said.
Chen Bin said, the machinery industry of new products, new technology research and development to become more active, high-end equipment independent innovation are emerging, large-scale nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power and wind power equipment, outfit UHV power transmission, natural gas long-distance pipeline pressure stations equipment and other high-end equipment significantly increased the level of autonomy. Meanwhile, the machinery industry is moving more responsive to market demand, adjust the direction of more and more enterprises to "user complete solution" provider upgraded from "hard" producers. Network operators and other emerging business models, but also a pioneer in the minority began to explore.
Looking ahead to 2015, there is still downward pressure on economic growth, development of the industry overall external environment of tight difficult situation markedly improved. CaiWeiCi think, overall judgment in 2015, the machinery industry growth rate will continue downward.
From the machinery industry operating environment, the financial costs, especially one in which an increase of interest expenses remained relatively high financing environment still grim. Second, an increase of accounts receivable is still high, loan recovery difficulties. Third, an increase in finished goods inventory rose month by month. Fourth, an increase of orders dropped significantly, and the monthly downward. Fifth, the demand for machinery products still in the doldrums. Sixth, fixed asset investment growth fell sharply, investment demand is not optimistic.
"A combination of factors judged, is near the bottom, not downward out of control." CaiWeiCi said, first, macroeconomic downside is limited, GDP growth in 2015 is estimated at about 7%. Historical experience shows that the growth rate of industrial machinery are usually higher than the GDP and the national industrial average. Therefore, the mechanical industry growth to continue down the space has been limited. Meanwhile, the state introduced a number of positive measures to steady growth, industry characteristics of the mechanical industry more strain selection, plus the machinery industry in the viability of a strong, stable development of the industry is growing.
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<P> Multifunctional asphalt pavement maintenance vehicles, a variety of disease treatment for many pits of asphalt pavement during use, produce, crack, pro package, subsidence, net bifida and design. Flexible job as fast and safe and efficient. To achieve a variety of on-site maintenance operation. Repair high strength, low cost, all-weather operations. </p>
<P> Pothole Patching out waste asphalt, without crushing, a 100 percent reproduction in situ thermal capacity, high efficiency, low labor cost facilities, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal multi-functional integrated road maintenance vehicle. Multifunctional asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle having: Asphalt Pavement thermal regeneration, forced mixing asphalt concrete, asphalt distributor, road crack pouring tracking, providing hydraulic power and other functions as one of the practical car for the conservation of other hydraulic equipment. </p>
<P> Products obtained four national patents, won the Jining Municipal Science Progress Award, is an innovative technology for asphalt pavement maintenance. Equipment main characteristics are as follows: </p>
<P> 1. choose Dongfeng truck chassis, power steering, air-conditioning, for a variety of operating conditions. </p>
<P> 2. In coal as fuel, low construction cost. </p>
<P> 3. use bag-type dust collector, smoke-free clean, energy-saving and environmental protection. </p>
<P> 4. Vertical forced mixing, to mix asphalt concrete. </p>
<P> 5. vehicle with full hydraulic drive, hydraulic components used by the US Eaton, simple operation, safe. </p>
<P> 6. pipelines asphalt, asphalt pump with built-in, no-clean after use. </p>
<P> 7. asphalt metering device is provided, according to need, precisely metered amount of bitumen per vessel, to ensure that the mixture of oil and petrochemical. </p>
<P> 8. asphalt containment tank temperature control device is provided to protect temperature asphalt. </p>
<P> 9. spices warehouse includes an infrared measurement and control device, effectively control the mixing and discharge temperature. </p>
<P> 10. rear using the material design, reduce the construction of the road lane, avoid traffic jams. </p>
<P> 11. using the material side of the design, the material directly to the pit, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. </p>

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<p>can effectively improve the performance of wood-plastic composite extrusion system. 5.4 Molding Parameter Description.To give the corresponding after kneaded pellets into the mold, then add the hot pressing molding machine, {-File.GetString-|-D:zpzp-link1.txtthen use the method to be rapidly cooled down to a temperature close to the upper and lower platen 100 Celsius remove the pressed slab completely cooled to room temperature product Combine flour and PVC inner strength and pressing temperature was a significant linear correlation pressing temperature increased by 10 Celsius,</p>
<p>internal bond strength increases o. 42MPa, when the pressing temperature at 185 ~ 195 Celsius, the internal bond strength little change; bending strength and elastic modulus at 155 ~ 165 Celsius when, has been a significant increase, rising MOR 8.7MPa,{-File.GetString-|-D:zpzp-link1.txt elastic modulus rose 1.8GPa, and in the 165 ~ 195 Celsius when a steady trend. Thickness swelling and pressing temperature was a significant negative linear correlation pressing temperature increased by 10 Celsius,</p>
<p> thickness swelling decreased by an average of 31.9%, performance is improved. Best Factors WPC: pressing temperature was 175 Celsius, pressing time of 8min,{-File.GetString-|-D:zpzp-link1.txt pressing density o. 809 / em3,10mm thickness of 5.5 WPC floor molding process In the field of industrial production of wood flooring are the following three kinds of process routes</p>


2016-08-10 10:16

our flooring industry to go abroad, into the world, to realize the country's powerful leap will be very negative. wood floor lock patent mentioned, 24 ft pool deck plans he believes wood flooring enterprises must unite, calm, positive response to this event buckle patent, "good or bad lock patented event processing, will directly affect them (foreign wood floor) to China Analyzing flooring industry.


2016-08-10 10:20

<p>How to select wood flooring with tiles? To be warm and comfortable, or to gorgeous good care? This question has been plagued by the decoration. Tile flooring good or good? This is a lot of decoration will consider this issue. To contrast tile flooring good or good, it really is hard. So this paper, we make analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of wood and tile floors, to help you determine whether the home choose good or tile flooring good.</p>

<p>How to select wood floors and ceramic tile? First, we must know good or tile flooring is good, we must first understand the wood and tile flooring own characteristics and advantages. What are the benefits floor: beautiful, durable, good comfort, the use of geothermal heating insulation performance is good, the price is slightly cheaper, but the construction is simple, free installation. Tile What are the benefits: easy to clean, simple to maintain, easy to hide dust-free air pollutants, long life, can generally be used 10--20 years, fireproof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, and rich environmental modeling.</p>

<p>What are the disadvantages floor: wood flooring does have natural beauty, comfortable, good insulation properties strengths  good things often need to do more work, warped wooden floor easily deformed, there will be much formaldehyde emission of health harm. Not easy to take care, waxing often have to do maintenance. Influenced by the weather and humidity, require regular maintenance, easily deformed warped after flooding, the release of formaldehyde, a relatively short life.</p>

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2016-08-10 11:28

<p>Use a tape measure each piece of tile size whether a neighboring difference, size of the error is greater than 0.5 mm and greater than 0.1 mm, the flatness of the product will not only increase the difficulty of construction, as well as the effect after the renovation is poor, can not be used in engineering. Detection only 1 bottle of mineral water, to see the first drop [url=">composite decorative wall suppliers losangeles[/url] of water level uneven tiles (not explain it) in front of the tile water brush, brush a little, then, turned it over on the back, the back to see if there is a serious water seepage phenomenon, good tiles impervious to water.</p><p> brush the back, look at the flooding are the same color, texture uneven color inconsistencies described in accordance with national environmental standards, decorative materials radiation [url=">deck roof ideas supplier[/url] levels divided into three categories .A class decorative materials, decoration materials natural radionuclides radium-226, thorium-232, a radioactive potassium-40 at the same time a refuge drug buy enough 1Ra 1.01r less than 1.3 less than the requirements of decorative materials, production and marketing and unrestricted use.</p><p> B type of material can not be used for building the Ming interior surfaces, but may be used in civil construction, finishes, and all other buildings inside and outside finishes. attention must first buy the regular manufacturers of products, the sales [url=">discounted deck materials non-fading[/url] staff to request goods .. environmental monitoring report in accordance with national standards, sub-tile for the gifted class, one, two, four and substandard appearance can be determined by the problem appears to have .</p>


2016-08-10 12:03

This year's "October" small holiday, the province's high-speed traffic is expected to hit a new high, especially April 30 may exceed 2.8 million. Yesterday, the provincial traffic control department issued the "October" travel Raiders, the Raiders go along can effectively avoid the jamming point.

Based on past small holiday travel situation, the traffic police department predicted that this year's "October" travel times of peak traffic to 14:04 afternoon of May 29 --4 30th afternoon 13:00, the grounds of the main traffic flow direction east to west, from south to north; return peak will appear in at 10:00 on May 2 - May 3 after 24 at night, the grounds of the main traffic flow direction west to east, north to south direction.

During peak hours, Nantong section, in Wuxi, Jiangyin Bridge, the Sutong Bridge, Nanjing Bridge, G15W often high-speed Beijing-Shanghai high-speed G2 section of Suzhou, Wuxi, Taizhou, Yangzhou, G15 Shen Hai speed Suzhou, G42 Shanghai-Chengdu, Suzhou, , G25 long deep Ninghuai segment, Nanjing high-speed segment G36 Ningluo expected congestion.

Traffic police suggested that want to avoid blocking situation, so try to avoid these congested roads. For example, Shanghai - Nanjing direction of the vehicle from the G50 Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed -G25 long deep down, about 300 km, the entire flow.

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2016-08-10 13:40

Engineered in Hartholz und Bambus sein, fest als auch in Hartholz und Bambus sein kann. Es ist schwierig, Fertigparkett aus festem Boden zu sagen, um es zu betrachten. Hier ist ein Vergleich von Massivholz-Parkett und Fertigparkett.
Fertigparkett, per Definition, ist Quer laminiert mit 3 Schichten. Diese Böden sind Echtholz von oben nach unten. Ausgeführt Böden wurden teilweise entwickelt, so dass sie über Strahlungswärme installiert werden konnte und weil sie stabiler sind in Bereichen, in denen Hartholz allein nicht gut halten. So konstruierte Holzboden ist die Wahl, wenn Sie in die Küche weiterhin von den Wohnbereichen als Fertigböden werden in Küchen und Bädern halten besser.
Mehrschicht-Parkett ist weniger teuer als Hartholz. Es ist aus einem Holzschichten, aber die Schichten unter der Oberfläche sind oft von weniger teuer, stärker Holzschichten zusammengesetzt ist. Die oberste Schicht ist die dekorative Holz Sie für Ihr Haus oder Büro gewählt haben. Mehrschicht-Parkett ist auch umweltfreundlicher als solide Holzböden, da die Unteroberflächenschichten aus Müll oder Schrott Holz, nicht der Zierholz. Dieser Ansatz spart mehr Wälder, da jeder Baum der Zierholz gewünschte gehen weiter, als es mit Massivholzböden.

Im Gegensatz zu Massivholzparkett, Fertigparkett kann in jedem Raum installiert werden, die Sie wählen, auch einen Keller, weil es Feuchtigkeit durch die Schichten des Bodenbelags standhalten können, die Knicken und Plätschern standhalten. Fertigparkett kann auch über Fußbodenheizung eingebaut werden, die Füße warm in diesen kalten Wintermonate halten können. Es ist auch einfach zu installieren und sieht genau so schön wie Parkett zu einem viel besseren Preis, der fast jeder Haushalt passen.
Massivparkettboden kommt in vielen verschiedenen Holzarten, darunter auch exotische Hölzer. Es ist ein wenig teurer als Fertigparkett, aber wenn Sie ein eingefleischter Holz-Enthusiasten sind, dann können Sie mit Massivholzböden zu halten möchten.
Massivparkett kann nicht installiert werden (oder nicht empfehlenswert ist) in hoher Feuchtigkeit Räume, wie Küche, Bad und Keller. Dies liegt daran, die höheren Feuchtigkeitsgehalt in der Luft - oder sogar auf dem Boden - das Holz kann dazu führen, zu kräuseln oder Schnalle, die den Boden zerstören.
Engineered Bambus vs Massiv Bambus
Engineered Bambusparkett
Engineered Bambus-Fußboden ist Brett mit 3 Schichten. Face-Ebene ist Bambus mit 4 mm Dicke, ist Kern chinesischen Kiefer und die untere Schicht ist die chinesische Pappel. Engineered Bambusbodenbelag eignet sich für die schwimmende Verlegung und Installation Heizung. Holz wie Kiefer und Pappel sind weich als Bambus, Wärme kann schnell durch den Boden gehen. Zimmer können warm werden in wenigen Minuten.
Feste Bambusparkett
Solide Bambus-Fußboden ist rein und Premium-Bambus, ohne jedes Holz oder Sperrholz. Solide Bambus-Fußboden kann ein paar Mal nachgearbeitet werden.

Die Entscheidung zwischen engineered vs Massivholzboden ist eine Entscheidung, die sorgfältig vorgenommen werden sollen. In einigen Fällen wird Ihr Budget der entscheidende Faktor sein, aber überhaupt möglich ist, wenn, ist es besser, andere Überlegungen Ihre Entscheidung für Sie treffen zu lassen. Betrachten Sie die Zimmer, die Sie den Bodenbelag in installiert werden soll, die Menschen, die zu Fuß auf und die Böden zu genießen, und was Ihr Traumboden ist, dass Sie den Sieger zwischen gentechnisch vs. Massivholzböden, um festzustellen.

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2016-08-10 14:10

Lim Chang-floor production process quality will be more stringent checks and further improve after-sales service. All along, I'm Qamdo particular emphasis on product quality problems due LINKCHAMP particular attention to the quality of skills training for employees in the long process of development, so in the production process, these products have high technical skills of staff in the quality of products from without allowing any discount, Lim Chang in sales outlets throughout the country, any one can allow consumers to maintain a high quality product LINKCHAMP recognition.

Lim Chang floor of the terminal stores sales staff to undergo a rigorous and professional training in the full Lim Chang strong corporate culture of the store, customers can feel the sincere high quality service. To ensure proper use of Lim Chang consumer products to ensure that products can maintain good quality when LINKCHAMP shopping guide staff in the consumer products will be the product of careful use and maintenance of knowledge introduced to consumers.

When consumers buy products, but also from time to time to the store staff to seek product support and maintenance. Within a certain period of time, consumers can return products they do not fit in quality assurance issues, Lim Chang so that all consumers feel at ease. In the new development plan, Lim Chang will continue in accordance with ISO9000 quality assurance system more rigorous checks on the production process, improve product position in the minds of consumers, to the best quality assurance Linchang Fei-speed development. In sales, Lim Chang will pay more attention to consumer service, the company plans to train more outstanding gold service staff to provide more substantial smooth service network system for consumers to honor pledges.

Finally, Lim Chang floor has expanded rapidly, establishing a domestic industry with the largest modern industrial park, with solid wood, wood composite, and strengthen the three major production base, covers an area of ??20 million square meters and annual production capacity of 12 million square meters . In the new blueprint, the company will extend the doors of money in industry, Lim Chang grow the size, according to the company long-term planning, Lim Chang to its own brand into the international arena, the future will be China's most ethnic Lim Chang characteristics of wood enterprises.

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2016-08-10 16:39

Production of energy-saving products business also immediately attracted attention. Beijing Furniture Co., a state of zero zero-formaldehyde adhesive main floor of the production-oriented enterprises, after four years of exploration, development and production of build a deck bench seat parquet flooring. The biggest advantage of our products is zero formaldehyde release, Beijing Furniture Co.


2016-08-11 04:38

Chinese flooring industry since the 20th century, 80 so far this year, more than 30 years of history, not only did not fade popular wood flooring, but more and more popular these days. It is has a very complex history, cultural traditions and realistic reasons. And Chinese Civilization wood culture is closely related, but also with the living traditions of the Chinese people, in particular to strengthen the floor after 1994 into China, to accelerate the development of the wood flooring industry, and strengthen the concept of the floor first to be accepted. Sheng wooden wood caring culture in the land of China has been around for thousands of years.

The bamboo culture, but because of regional, not in the land of China widespread. Even Chinese people's subconscious, is not as bamboo wood. In ancient times, wood has far-reaching effects, with a small bamboo huts shelter more than bamboo, bamboo raft more than sail, easy to clean and sterilize more than chopsticks chopsticks, bamboo mat is more refreshing than the wooden seats comfortable. Bamboo is a new, strange and not the amplifier byword in ancient bamboo flowering, which means writing on the wall. For thousands of years, people have never put on a par bamboo and wood, bamboo will not impart practical and rugged characteristics.

In recent years, bamboo flooring has been the situation in the cold outside the heat, the best-selling in the international market, but the domestic market has been tepid. Bamboo flooring green low-carbon natural, smell fresh and pleasant, natural texture, wear, pressure, fire, insects, high strength, no deformation. Although not as good as solid wood flooring foot feeling comfortable, but compared to laminate flooring has more than wins. Although bamboo flooring has so many advantages, but also an awkward position, but because bamboo flooring comfort than solid wood flooring, laminate flooring affordable than however, caught in the middle and just as multi-layer solid wood flooring situation, perhaps this is not warm bamboo flooring one of the reasons it did not fire.

China has thousands of years of culture of bamboo, bamboo products in China has been much loved, but on the floor bamboo flooring market has repeatedly encountered the dilemma, bamboo flooring is their own problems, or people lack a deep understanding of bamboo flooring? Bamboo flooring To return to the domestic market, we should pay attention to publicity.

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