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A Scottish view on a Personalized Packaging

Forums / General discussion / A Scottish view on a Personalized Packaging


2019-09-30 14:12

The contrast with the evolution of its competitors is blatant: PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper Snapple both continued to show decreasing sales figures and the beverage sector is fighting against the craze for healthy beverages. Following this success, The Coca-Cola Company apparently has injected an additional £ 0.69 billion into its marketing budget for the next three years, indicating the importance attributed to this campaign.

It also seems to inspire other non-alcoholic beverage companies and AG Barr from Glasgow, the producer of Irn-Bru, has decided to try to replicate this success. Being unable to imitate it completely, the brand has chosen to launch its own version.

The national drink of Scotland is generally considered to be whiskey, however Irn-Bru is right behind. Previous AG Barr's marketing campaigns called Irn-Bru "Scotland's other national drink" because of its popularity and leading position in the country's soft drinks, despite strong competition from rival multinationals .
The manufacturer has relied on the creation of innovative packaging to offer the drink in a new and different way and consolidate its position in the sector. Thanks to its strong Scottish heritage, what better way to personalize its bottles than by embracing the tartans? The company has launched a range of bottles incorporating the different shades of tartans of traditional clans. The full range consists of 57 different tartan models, all matching different Scottish clans such as Mackenzie, Macgregor and Cameron. On the website is the "Clan Finder" option where you can determine which clan you belong to based on your last name. If you do not have a traditional Scottish name,

It is not the first time that Irn-Bru imitates Coca-Cola; In 2013, the brand played on similarity by putting names like Rab, Fanny, Senga and Tam on its bottles to wink at the offer of its rival. The latest initiative is an extension of its campaign that highlights the Scottish heritage of the brand. This has been well publicized in the press (at least north of the border) and draws on Scotland's strong national spirit, helping to reaffirm the drink as the Scottish soft drink of choice. But for us, this simply reiterates the fact that packaging is extremely important. If people like what they see on the shelves, sales will definitely be better, something AG Barr has understood very well

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