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How did you get out of credit card debt?

Forums / General discussion / How did you get out of credit card debt?


2019-12-02 20:04

How did you get out of credit card debt?


2019-12-03 12:17

How did you get yourself into credit card debt?

Never did, never will. I refuse to spend the money I don’t have on things I don’t need just to keep up with the Kardashian’s. I prefer to live a simple life. Anything that is still working and fulfilling my needs, I will keep using it. I refuse to buy the new one just because I have the cash for it. It’s better to save the money for rainy days.


2019-12-03 12:19

Well, I recommend to turn to some reliable debt relief company. I had a nice experience with debtquest with their Credit Card Debt Relief I was taken thorough with all the info from the program. They walked me through the program with ease. It was very easy to understand and I thank you debtquest

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