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Happy new year!

Forums / News / Happy new year!


2020-01-07 11:38

Happy new year, its 2020 now! WoW! This game has been running 10 years now!

As bots started to abuse this site, I cleaned up all the spam and added some new protection for some of them. Lets see if it helps to keep things nicer!

FLASH is required to play this game. I can't unfortunately update this game to newer tools, so please find ways to run the game with flash enabled...

I will keep the game up&running, don't have any plans to take it down

A bit of history:
I wrote this game while I was studying in university. Over the years life kicked in, had 2 great children, very busy career and so on...

I have always enjoyed making games and will continue to do so
I especially like games that make you think and plan, I am not fan of brainless games where you just click around without not much thought. I value thinking, planning and via that getting satisfaction of building something great, figure out awesome unique solutions to problems and so on!

If you are interested, check out some of the other games I have made: - Reactor idle - Factory Idle

Rock on! It is so cool to see some of the people we played this game together 10 years ago!
Happy 10 year anniversary!


2020-01-07 17:27

If we can the side get ported to HTML-5 as some already suggested we woudnt had the problem with Flash, or am I wrong?


2020-01-07 17:36

Does anyone know more about this - has done it? I googled quickly and see that it might be an option, but I don't have flash anymore nor any tooling really to do it...
(And to be honest, not really time either...)


2020-01-08 01:05

Kraak send you a Message about it, you should read it


2020-02-06 01:44

Thanks for the updates and keeping things going! It's tough with 2 little ones + work + spouse + life balance!!

Hopefully Kraak's avenue for porting the game over will work so we can continue.

There's also a good group of folks that are willing to contribute to the cost of doing so.

Thanks for all your hard work Balduran!

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