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Westros fronter

Script for map Westros fronter

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plz dont clam any thing that isnt yours, or simmiler idea to mine, it took the westros map created and add more envirement to it, plz play the map and fav it :D
    <action type="copyMetaUnit" basedOn="6" id="10000" name="The King."/>
    <action type="customizeRuleset" elementId="10000">
      <update property="unit.clipName" value="MedievalKing"/>
      <update property="unit.price" resourceId="1" value="4000"/>
      <update property="" value="40"/>
      <update property="unit.repairs" value="5"/>
      <update property="unit.primaryMovementPoints" value="4"/>
      <update property="unit.repairsOnBuildings" buildingId="3" value="6"/>
      <update property="unit.repairsOnBuildings" buildingId="5" value="8"/>
      <update property="unit.visionPoints" value="4"/>